Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello everybody, A little monster I made. -kris

Monstre Turntable from Kristifir Klein on Vimeo.


  1. YES!!! I love that guy! What a riot!

    One of my biggest peeves about my own work in the past week is how I want to do more that's funny or charming, and this is some fantastic inspiration.

  2. Super fun design, and well executed. Did you use Fibermesh on this?

  3. Ian: :) Thanks. Glad you like the Monstre. Was a fun project.

    Jason: Yeah, I did use Fibermesh. I am feeling pretty good about grooming using Fibermesh now these days. I remember doing hair back in the day on The Incredibles. Fibermesh is much more freeing and fun. I have no idea what groom is like these days at the studio, but given you can export curves from zBrush I'm wondering if perhaps it could be used in the studio's workflow.