Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mermaid WIP

This is a test render of a thing I've been plinking away at in my spare time. I was using this model to try out a bunch of different things, one of which is starting a human model using some of the techniques taught in the most recent sculpture class at work.

Here's the progression shot in ZBrush from ZSphere armature to Dynamesh sculpt:

I'd like to finish the tail at some point. I will likely not take it to a paint/shade/kickass render stage, but you never know.


  1. Very cool! Do I sense a 3d-printed mermaid finding its way into your daughter's room decor? ;)

    If you are thinking of taking it any further, just a few small things could make her feel more fluid... Maybe bringing down the shoulders/traps a bit to maker her more ladylike, or twisting the palms up to the arms aren't fighting the movement (don't worry about modeling the hands, just get the gesture) would be great first places to play around.

    Doing things like this or not, seems like it'd been a great exercise for you.

  2. Cool stuff Jason. I'd be interested in hearing more about your zSphere to Dynamesh workflow. Are you using the zSpheres for post sculpt posing, or just for working out the initial pose?


  3. The ZSpheres were to set the initial pose and skeletal proportion, as well as provide some geometry to use with Dynamesh. Additional pose correction was done with the Move tool on the Dynamesh. So far I haven't done any ZSphere rig posing, something I should try sometime.