Thursday, January 31, 2013

First post to Model Night

Bonjour Everybody!
Remember me? I started to dedicate some time to zBrush recently and thought I'd contribute a couple of "learning" exercises I did last week. I discovered fibermesh and wanted to get my head around it. The first image "Le Lapin Gris" is a little rabbit I made to test fibermesh grooming. The second, slightly less cuddly turntable is called "Creature of God." Again mostly to test out fibermesh and also a bit of lighting exploration in zBrush. It was just a couple days work to surprise a friend of mine who posted the sketch on his facebook. I wasn't necessarily going for a complete likeness.

Anyway.. if it's ok, I'd like to keep sharing stuff here with you all and am interested in learning more from you all as we go. I'll attempt to do the thing a week as regular as possible.

I miss you all back at Pixar a bunch, and hope you're all doing great.


If any of you are visting Paris in the next 6 months or so and want any pointers or want to share a coffee please look me up. It's nice to hang out with people who speak English :)

The uploaded video quality was horrible, so here is a better vimeo link.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thing-a-week #2

Timon et Pumbaa.


Combo ZBrush/Sketchbook/PShop illustration technique I'm working with for the "Realms Unreel Illustrated" Project. Midground char is still missing a lot of shading / inking - particularly his head, which is just flat - but the idea is there.

Could use feedback on how relating of ZBrush and Hand-Drawn feels, particularly the mid-ground char "quick-texture" that I've been pulling from Z. Foreground char is ZBrush, spent too much time on it though!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ian's Backlog

A couple of modelnight speed sculpts from the past few months:

...and some longer-term stuff I've been working on during modelnight sessions for an outside project:

Lally Backlog

Amazing stuff, guys.

Here's some of the work I've shown from the end of last year onward:

My current low-res game art phase:

ZBrush Fibermesh Overview that I made while learning:
Yes, Sal, I know I skipped the Morph Target step in the video. :P

Old Halloween Pumpkin Speed Sculpt

Fantasy Character from our Visualarium course:


A little catch up!

A few images from the past couple months, two of which are also in the "One a week" thing.

Zbrush using dynamesh and qremesher. Polypaint. Composited in Photoshop.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thing-a-week, episide one.

Getting back into the habit of sculpting by posing a challenge to myself to start something new each week. I'm giving myself the option to spend more than a week if the subject is interesting, but I have to start something new and have images to show the following Monday regardless of the state it's in.

Here's something for the Downton fans: Mr. Carson