Monday, April 8, 2013

latest realms unreel

Hoping to pump out 4 (!) new ones this week in addition to these - I'm in deep (subtool). Good news: Got a look I'm happy with. Bad news: This workflow has proven far slower than I'd like, and this side project is running very low on time. Will gun it out this week and then revisit... But I will have a couple weeks for fixes too, so notes are absolutely welcome, esp. if they're photoshop adjustments!


  1. I think you're finally getting into a groove regarding the style. These last three images (two from this past and one from your last post) are really holding together quite well.

  2. Thanks! Plan is to revisit the old ones and touch them up to bring them closer to these in look!

  3. I am digging seeing you work this sort of style in 3D. These new looks are really working! Great work.