Monday, May 6, 2013

Tree Giant final

Through working on it. Not to say that there isn't more I could do, I just prefer to say that there's more I'm NOT going to do.

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  1. Very cool to see this coming along, it's got you experimenting a lot for sure! This gives a much better sense of where you're going in terms of making this a storytelling piece, and I like watching it evolve. Also really like the pose you're going with on the girl; interested in the giant but more so in the swing :)

    A couple of things to maybe try:
    - Before you get into the fine stuff, maybe a little more irregularity / chaos to the shaping of the 'hat'? Something to indicate that it was a rough break of terrain. Maybe tilting the hat a bit could also add visual interest to the smaller character on the swing (since her 2 parallel swing lines would no longer be parallel to the tree). Tilting the head of the giant just a smidge might also help to convey his curiosity as he looks up and just slightly over.
    - Maybe thickening the neck / lower head of the Giant, and/or separating the peel of the earth around him to make more of an upwards gesture with those shapes?

    Just ramblings - Again, I'm psyched to see this, love storytelling in sculpts!

    - Ian